Staff Team

Cara Bensimon,  Executive Director

905-627-9922 x21     [email protected]

Christine Nusca, Director of Operations

905.627.9922 x23     [email protected]

Jane Allen, Program Director

905.627.9922 x26        [email protected]

Rachel Bernholtz, Food Security Manager​

905-627-9922 x22   [email protected]

Lloyd Orson, Food Security Support

905.627.9922 x29       [email protected]

Ella Pavlova, Seniors Programming

Staff Functions

  • Implement the policies of the agency and the Board.
  • Provide services to clients, families, newcomers, immigrants and seniors.
  • Plan and Supervise the delivery of the services to the community.
  • Reporting, evaluation and follow-up to the Board.