Poverty reduction is an integral part of Hamilton Jewish Family Services and a central component of our Strategic Plan.

Every day, we are working in the community to advocate for our clients, to bring increased awareness on poverty issues, and to create change for the better.



  • On a national average, 14.6% of Jewish adults live below the poverty line.
  • On a national average, 15.8% of Jewish Seniors live below the poverty line.
  • The City of Hamilton has the lowest income postal code in Canada.
  • 16.6% of Hamiltonians live below the poverty line.
  • Our Kosher Food Bank is currently supporting, on average, 50+ families a month and provides delivery to those who are medically fragile and/or disabled.
  • Our Kosher Food Bank serves an average of 240 healthy snacks and meals to low-income Seniors each month.



Our current poverty reduction supports include:

  • Assistance in connecting our clients with additional supports and services in the community, such as Disability Tax Credit, housing workers, medical supports, etc. We make more than 100 referrals per month for our clients.
  • Holocaust Claims Conference assistance for low-income survivors (which includes emergency funds, medical supply funding, food cards and more).
  • The Kosher Food Bank, with a growing emphasis on ensuring access to fresh produce.
  • Employment Services and Social Participation Volunteering.
  • Financial Assistance Program

We strive to ensure that all of our programs provide no-barrier access for those in need.